Ultralight Headlamp. Reduces Neck Strain. With Gesture Control. Weather Resistant to IPX-6. 3-LEDs: 1-White and 2-Red. Uses 3 AAA Batteries.

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Ultralight Headlamp


The Ultralight Headlamp is available in a Money Savings Value pack.  As low as $21.95 per headlamp.


The Ultralight Headlamp is the perfect alternative when you are looking for an option to the heavier headlamps – but when you still want to maintain the durability and toughness of the larger and heavier headlamps. 

  • Lightweight Weather Resistant Housing: Rated IPX-6.
  • Uses 3 AAA Batteries.
  • Head Assembly can be pivoted forward or downward.
  • Can be operated with both the On/Off Switch as well as Gesture Control.
  • 3 LEDs: 1-White and 2-Red.
  • 5 Modes: High / Medium / Low / Flashing / SOS.
  • Adjustable elastic headband.
  • $ Saving Value Option Pack Available.

The head assembly is made of lightweight and durable ABS Plastic.  Weighing in at only around 3 ounces – you won’t even know you are wearing it.

The ultralight headlamp has 3 LEDs:

  • 1 XP-E White LED used to light your surroundings.
  • 2 Red LEDs; used to maintain your night vision.

The lens on the ultralight headlamp is a fixed lens with a beam angle of 180 degrees.  This is a great general-purpose light that will light up the immediate area around you. 

5 Modes:  High, Medium, Low, SOS and Flashing.  Adjust the light to whatever you need without being too bright.  Can also be used to signal for help.

Uses 3 AAA Batteries. [Not Included].  The ultralight headlamp can run for up to 30 hours on high and 120 hours on low with a new set of fully charged batteries.

Weather resistant housing is rated to IXP-6.  This means that the headlamp can be used in; rain, snow or dusty environments with no problems.  However, do not submerge under water.

Adjustable elastic head strap can be made to fit any size head.  Children or adults will be able to use this headlamp.

The ultralight headlamp has a unique feature associated with it:  Gesture Control – True Hands Free Operation.  A simply wave your hand in front of the headlamp to turn it ON or Off.  This is a great feature to have when your hands are dirty, when wearing gloves, or if you are holding something in your hand. 

The head assembly can pivot forward and downward so that you can make sure that you have light where you need it.

  • Walking: Point it forward to light your way.
  • Reading, performing tasks or other close up work – you can point it downward to light the task area that you need light on.



  • Light source: (3) LEDs.  One XP-E White LED and Two Red LEDs.
  • Brightness: Up to 100 Lumens. 
  • Beam Angle: Fixed at 180 degrees.
  • Battery Type: (3) AAA batteries.  30-Hours on High and 120-hours on Low  Operating Time with fully charged batteries.
  • Housing Material: Light Weight and Durable ABS Plastic. Weighs Only 3-ounces.
  • Weather Resistant: YES to IXP-6.  Good for Rain, Snow and Dusty Environments.
  • Waterproof: NO – Do not submerge under water.
  • 5 Modes: High, Medium, Low, Flashing and SOS.
  • Gesture Control. Simple hand wave in front of the headlamp will turn it ON or OFF.
  • Certification: CE


 What is included in the package.

(1X) Ultralight Headlamp.


The Ultralight Headlamp is a great headlamp to add to your disaster preparedness kit.  Remember, a headlamp is a critical tool for your preparedness kit.  Every adult in your group [at a minimum] should have a headlamp for emergency purposes.

The ultralight headlamp makes a perfect gift.  Get several of them and pass them out to your children, grand-children, family and friends.  Give the Gift of Safety.

Don’t forget about the Value Option Offer on this Headlamp.  The Ultralight Headlamp is available for as low as $21.95 per headlamp. 

A great price for a great value for a great headlamp.

Buy it NOW when it is still fresh in your mind!  Just select the quantity and then click on the Add to Cart Button.


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