The Best Headlamp Available. Two Independently Controlled CREE XML-T6 LEDs, Lights both Close and Far at the Same Time. Weather Resistant Housing.

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Best Headlamp

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The Best Headlamp has two high powered CREE XML-T6 LEDs that are instantly adjustable from general area lighting (flood light) to a long range focused bright (spot light) that can shine up to 500 meters.  

Here is the unique thing about this headlamp.  Each LED can be individually controlled .  This is the ultimate in flexibility!

  • Set both for SPOT so that you can have a powerful focused beam of light.
  • Set both for FLOOD so that you have a wide general light area.
  • Set One to SPOT and the other to FLOOD and enjoy the best of both worlds at the same time.  
YES - "You can Have Your Cake and Eat it Too!"

 The durable head assembly is made of high impact ABS Plastic which will hold up to the rugged environments associated with disaster events and you will never need to worry about it rusting on you. 

Weather resistant housing means you can wear it in the rain, or snow, and not be worried about it failing.  Disasters don’t care if there is rain or snow, and neither will you with the Best Headlamp.  Note:  This headlamp is weather resistant – but not waterproof, so do not submerge this headlamp in water. 

The best headlamp uses two powerful 18650 rechargeable batteries (not included with this offer) which allow this headlamp to operate for extended periods of time.  Focus on surviving – not on re-charging batteries.

The Best Headlamp has a built in High Efficient Booster Circuit, which allows the LED to operate in a wide voltage range and utilizes the batteries capacity to the fullest extent.  This means that with two  high power 18650 batteries and the High Efficient Booster Circuit – The Best Headlamp is going to operate for a very long time. 

The 3-Mode Switch offers the options of:

  • Low Beam for battery saving and even longer lighting times.
  • High Beam for a brilliant light that can be seen up to 500 meters away.
  • Strobe Light for signaling and for self-defense purposes.

The Best Headlamp has a battery compartment which operates as both a battery holder and a re-charger for the batteries.  The compartment has 2 external lights that indicate if the batteries are charging, or are low and should be replaced.  No more guessing about the battery life – a quick look at the external lights gives you the battery status instantly.

Best Headlamp

The head assembly is adjustable so that you can point it straight down or point it straight out.  This is very helpful if you are trying to see object in the distance, or if you want to point the light down to light your way while you are walking.

 A 3-Point Headband ensures a comfortable fit and maintains its position for long periods of time without slipping.  There is a very good chance that during and/or after a disaster event – you will be very active attempting to move around. 

The 3-Point Headband on the Best Headlamp comfortably secures headlamp on your head without slipping.  You don’t need to waste time constantly adjusting your headlamp and be annoyed reposition your headlamp on your head.

What is included in the Best Headlamp offer:

  • 1X Double CREE XML-T6 LED Headlamp.

Item Details.

  • Item Type: Headlamp
  • Certifications: UL,CE,PSE,SAA,GS,RoHS,CC
  • Light Head Housing: Shock Resistant and Weather Resistant ABS Plastic Housing
  • Light Source: TWO CREE XML-T6 LED
  • Adjustable Headlamp Incline: YES
  • Battery: 2(x) 18650 Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Batteries.  (NOT-Included).
  • Lumens: Up to 1500 with both lights on.
  • Waterproof: NO
  • Water Resistant: YES
  • Headband:  Comfortable 3-Way Adjustable for Long Term Use.
  • Light Color: White
  • Lighting Distance: 200 ~ 500 meters
  • Switch Mode: High / Low / Strobe
  • Focal Length:  Individually Adjustable.  Spot to Flood.

The Best Headlamp is a great tool to have in your Disaster Preparedness Kit.  Keep one in your: Go Bag, your Emergency Car Kit and in the shop for everyday use. 

A headlamp is a very important tool for your disaster kit.  The headlamp allows you to keep BOTH of your hands free, so that you can handle the tasks at hand, while maintaining a focused light on your work area.  A headlamp is critical for:

  • Administering First Aid
  • Doing repair work
  • Just walking around
  • Plus many other tasks

 At a minimum - you should plan on having a headlamp for each adult in your group.

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