Survival Lantern. Waterproof IP68. 5200 mAh Power Bank, Cell Phone Charger, Flashlight, SOS Signal and Mosquito Light.

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Survival Lantern

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Survival Lantern is an extremely durable lantern that will hold up to some of the most extreme situations you may come across during a disaster event.  This is the lantern you want in your Bug-Out Bag.

  • Built-In Flashlight
  • 3 Modes: High, Medium & Low.
  • Waterproof to IP68.
  • Built-In Mosquito Light
  • SOS Emergency Flasher.
  • Powerful 5200mAh Lithium Battery.
  • Cell Phone Charger.
  • Built-In Magnets.

The Survival Lantern was designed to supply you with the light you need - when you need it.  That may sound like a general statement that any lighting device should do.  But check out all these ways the Survival Lantern can supply you with light.

Lantern:  Powerful and long lasting 4W LED.  Coupled with the powerful battery and a 3 light mode switch, you will have light for a long time.  Perfect light to light your general surroundings. [NOTE: Times are based on a fully charged battery.] 

Survival Lantern

Flashlight:  The built-in flashlight will give you a bright focused light that will last up to 20 hours.  The flashlight will throw a beam of light up to 100 meters (about a Football Field in length.) 

Survival Lantern

SOS Emergency Signaling Light. The SOS light will work for up to 30 hours.  The alternating RED & BLUE flashing strobe light increases your chances of being seen.  Flashing RED and BLUE lights have been proven to increase your chances of being seen.  That is the reason most police cars and other emergency response vehicles now have this light combination on their vehicles.

Survival Lantern 

Mosquito Light:  One of the problems of having a light while you are in the woods or even your backyard is that it will attract mosquitoes and other flying insects.  The Survival Lantern has a yellow colored light that repels mosquitoes.  This means that you can focus on your surviving tasks and less time at swatting the annoying (and potentially dangerous) mosquitoes. 

Survival Lantern

The Housing on the Survival Lantern is made up of a very durable combination of: ABS Plastic, Aluminum and Silicone.  This durable housing gives it a waterproof rating of IP68

That means that the survival lantern can be dropped into water, up to 3 feet deep, for a period of 30-minutes and it will not leak.  This is important, especially when you are out doors, because if you accidentally drop it into some water – you know it will continue to work after you pull it out of the water.

Survival Lantern

The Power Bank is designed around the powerful and long lasting 5200mAh lithium battery.  At 5200 mAh, the battery will be able to store enough power for both general purpose lighting AND for powering up your mobile phone.  If your mobile phone runs out of power during a disaster – just plug it in to the survival lantern – and you will be able to make that emergency call.  

Survival Lantern

The Survival Lantern comes with a hanging clip and magnetic clips that will allow you to position the lantern for optimal lighting.  Sometimes, laying a lantern on the floor or ground will not give you the optimal lighting that you need.  With the hanging clip and magnetic clips, you can place the lantern exactly where you need it.


Wattage: 4W
Body Material: ABS+Silicone+Aluminum
Flashlight Lighting Distance: Approximately 100 meters
Waterproof: Yes to IP68 .  3 Feet of Water for up to 30-minutes.
Certification: CCC,RoHS,CE
Switch Mode: High/Middle/Low
Light Source: LED Bulbs  100,000 Hour of Light Expectancy 
Battery Type: Rechargeable Lithium Ion
Battery Capacity: 5200mAH
Voltage Input: 5V
Voltage Output: 5V 1A
Charging Time: 5hours

What is included in the package:

  • (1X) Survival Lantern
  • (1X) USB Charging Cable
  • (1X) Lanyard

 Survival Lantern

The IP68 waterproof Survival Lantern would make a perfect addition to your disaster kit. The compact size will fit nicely into your Bug-Out-Bag without taking up a lot of room. Made specifically for extreme outdoor conditions – you won’t be worrying about your lighting when you may need it the most. 

Focus on surviving – not worrying if your equipment will continue to work in the harsh environment.

Also makes a great gift.  College bound students, house warming gift, and just as a general “Gift of Safety”.  Great for workshops, garages, office desks, and even the night stand. 

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