Solar Hand Crank Flashlight with Carabiner for Quick Access. Compact size for easy carry. Self-Contained will work Day or Night. FREE Shipping.

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Solar Hand Crank Flashlight

This Solar Hand Crank Flashlight is available in a money savings Value PackBuy 3 and Get Another 1 for FREE.  That’s only [$14.95 per Flashlight].  Be Safe and Save some $ at the same time!

FREE Shipping within the Continental USA!

This solar hand crank flashlight is powered by both a solar panel and a hand crank.   You can be assured that you will have light anytime of the day with this handy little flashlight.

  • Emergency flashlight With Built-In Rechargeable battery. NO external battery needed!
  • High conversion efficiency, Cranking for 6 mins gives an hour light, Also chargeable with its built in Solar Panel.
  • Classic Design, Durable, Army Green and Dim Gray.  Great gift for Disaster Preparedness and Survival activities.
  • Great flashlight for the kids.
  • Size: 124x45x32mm (5.9 x 2.4 x 2 inches) Weight: 86g ( 4 ounces).  
  • With A Quick to Use Carabiner Clip,  Clip it on your backpack and take it with you wherever you go.
  • Money Saving Value Pack Option available.  

solar hand crank flashlight

The size fits the hand comfortably and is light weight.  The convenient built in carabiner allows you to clip it on anything from a belt loop to a backpack loop.  This makes it very accessible and will save time when you need a light – “quick”.

The manufacturer specifies that with 1-minute of cranking – you will get 10-minutes of light, or crank for 6-minutes and get 1-hour of light.    

So, I tested it out for myself.  I cranked my solar hand crank flashlight for one minute to see how long the light would last.  It produced a bright light for 1 hour and then it started slowly diminishing in intensity – but the light was still rather bright and usable for a total of 2 hours and even a little longer.   I don’t know, maybe the battery already had some charge in it – but my flashlight lasted for some time.

During the day, I just place it on a window sill (with the solar panel pointing towards the sun).  By the end of the day, this flashlight’s battery is topped off and ready to go. 

Even if you do use up the battery during the night time – you can always use the hand crank for a couple of minutes to generate light for a couple of hours.  This means that you will have light no matter what time of day it is.

My next test with this solar hand crank flashlight was to put in in a drawer to see how long the battery would hold its charge.  I would pull it out once a week and turn it on.  After 6-weeks of sitting in a dark desk drawer – the light still had its intense brightness.  This little guy held its charge very well.

The flashlight is made up of 3 LEDs.  It has a flood light focus, which means that you will be able light up your pathway and do close up tasks without blinding yourself from a high intense light.  It produces a good general purpose light that is usable in the vast majority of situations. 

The weather resistant housing is made of durable ABS plastic and is made for both indoor and outdoor use.  OK for Rain and Snow - but Do Not submerge in water. 

solar hand crank flashlight

This is one of the most popular flashlights in the marketplace.  The reasons being:  It’s a durable self-contained solar hand crank flashlight that will work anywhere and at any time, and has a price level that justifies you having several of them. Compact and ready to go, this light never needs batteries.

Built in Carabiner Clip  and small size makes this mini flashlight is a great flashlight for your: night stand, your glove box, your tool box, your Go Bag, or anywhere else where you will need a flashlight.


  • Housing Material: ABS – Water Resistant.  NOT Waterproof.  Do not submerge under water.
  • Size: Approximately:  4-7/8” x 1-7/8” x 1”.
  • Crank Power:  1-minute of hand crank will give 10-minutes of light.  Crank for 6-minutes for 1-Hour of Light.
  • Weight: 3.1 ounces
  • Color: Green
  • Flashlight:  3-LEDs.
  • Lighting distance:  Upto 50 meters.

 Package Includes:
1 X Solar Hand Crank Flashlight

 solar hand crank flashlight

Don’t forget to take advantage of the Value Pack offer on this flashlight.  Buy 3 and get another 1 for FREE.  That’s just [$14.95 per Flashlight] and that INCLUDES SHIPPING

Throw them in the car's glove box, your tool box, top desk drawer - anywhere you should have a flashlight. 

Get one for yourself and pass out the others to your family and friends.  Great flashlight for the kids.  Help them be Safe.  They make great gifts.

 Now is the perfect time to order the Solar Hand Crank Flashlight.  Do it now when it is still fresh in your mind.  Click the “Add to Cart” button NOW!

FREE Shipping within the Continental USA

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