The B70 and B70+ Disaster Survival Flashlight: Twisting Head, 3-Colors of Light and Much More Makes this the #1 Flashlight for Disaster Survival.

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 The Disaster Flashlight

Simply said:  "This is the Best Flashlight for a Disaster Survival Event."

That's a powerful statement to make.  Please read below to see why we feel this way about this flashlight.

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Choosing a primary flashlight for your disaster kit is a very important decision to make.  You will be relying on this flashlight during some of the most difficult times you may ever encounter. 

  • You need to make certain that it is durable enough to stand up to the harsh environments that are present during disaster events, and that it has the critical features that you will need to make your survival as safe as possible.  
  • It is also important to be of a comfortable size and weight so that it can be used for long extended periods of time. 
  • Plus be used as an everyday use flashlight.

The NICRON B70 and B70 Plus Disaster Flashlights fit all of those requirements – plus more.

Please Note:  The NICRON B70 and B70 Plus flashlights are available in 2 different models.
  • B70: Black and Orange.
  • B70+: Camouflaged Design
Both flashlight models are the same size and weight.  The B70+ model has the high definition camouflaged printing and a little brighter LED light.  Other than that – both models are essentially the same.


So, what makes this the Best Disaster Flashlight.

  Let's start with The Twisting Head Assembly

One unique feature that [you may have already noticed is] the Twisting Head Assembly available on these flashlights.

  •  The Twisting Head Assembly rotates the head assembly 90 degrees:
  • This allows you to configure the flashlight into many different shapes so that that you can place the light exactly where you need it.

    • You can even use the included clip to hang the flashlight on a pocket, belt or other piece of clothing - then rotate the flashlight’s head forward and light your way as you walk  “Hands Free”.
    • Also, in the 90 Degree configuration, the flashlight won’t roll off inclined areas – unlike round flashlights do. Place this flashlight down and you know it will stay in place.

      Hint:  Help the 1st Responders Find You Faster.  Trapped in a house or a building and waiting for 911 to rescue you… Put the Disaster Flashlight on a windowsill – turn ON the SOS strobe –  and have the flashlight alert the 1st Responders to your exact location.  Can’t do that with a straight flashlight.


      3-Colors of Light   

      Another unique feature found in this flashlight is that it produces 3-colors of light: White, Red and Green

      • The white light is your general task light and search light. This is the color that almost all flashlights use.
      • The Red and Green lights are excellent options to have especially at night and during the pre-day and pre-dusk times. Both colors help you maintain your night vision.
      The Red Light is perfect for reading maps, up close handheld tasks and helps when used during administering First Aid..
        • NOTE: Blood doesn’t show up as much when using red light versus when using white light.   Reason:  Blood absorbs the red color making it less visible, while white light reflects the red color which makes it more pronounced.  This may make it easier for both the patient and the rescuer, when administering first aid at night or in low light settings.
      The Green Light has been found to make it easier to navigate your surroundings while maintaining your night vision. Also, the Green light makes it harder for you to be be seen by animals as you do move around.  
      • The Red and Green lights are built into the flashlight and do not require you to snap on any filters in order to get the color of the light you need.
        • Simply hold down the Power button for 1.2-seconds and you will gain immediate access to the colored light system. 
        • No reason to scramble around looking for the different filters in the middle of the night or worse: losing them. 
        • Everything that you need is integrated within the flashlight.

      Heavy Walled Aluminum Housing

      • The Disaster Flashlight is made from a very durable aircraft grade aluminum which gives it a drop resistant rating from a height of 1.0 meter. That means you can focus on surviving rather than being concerned if your flashlight will continue to work if you accidentally drop it or if it gets banged around.
      • The size of this flashlight fits perfectly in your hand. 
        • Not to big where it becomes a hassle to carry around.
        • Not to small where it can create problems handling the flashlight.
      • The high-quality machined knurling that was performed on both the body and the head areas of these flashlights offer a superior slip resistant grip - no matter how wet it gets. Plus - it will never wear off.  You won’t need to worry about this flashlight slipping in your hand.
      • This flashlight has been certified to be Water Resistant to IP65. This allows you to use this flashlight in the heaviest rains, snow or dirty environments, and be assured it will continue to work.  Note: But do not submerge under water.

      • A Magnetic Base has been designed into these flashlights so that you can place the flashlight securely on any type of magnetic surface.  This allows you to place a beam of light in almost any direction or orientation [even if the flashlight is upside down]
      The Lighting System:
      • The Disaster Flashlight comes with built-in electronic circuitry [both in the flashlight and the battery] which is responsible for coordinating power management settings to ensure maximum operating time and battery life. 
      • This circuitry also adds a layer of protection by preventing the battery from overcharging and undercharging.  
      • The LED used in these flashlights is the powerful, durable and power efficient: CREE XPL HI V2 LED.   With a life expectancy rating of 50,000 hours, you won't have to worry about this LED burning out anytime soon.  or this LED is:  50,000 hours
      • The battery [included with this flashlight] is a Rechargeable 18650 Lithium Ion Battery.  This battery was specifically matched to maximize the work time and to complement the many features of this flashlight.

      Rechargeable 18650 Lithium Ion Battery

        • As stated earlier – this battery comes with built in circuitry to protect both the battery and the flashlight during charging and normal use.

      Now, I know what you are thinking: "Why would I want a rechargeable battery when I don’t have a battery charger?"  

      Well – because this flashlight also acts as the battery charger

      • No need to invest $ into a battery charger.
      • No fumbling around looking for a charger when you need one.
      • Everything is self-contained in this flashlight.

      Check out these expected battery life listed by the manufacturer for the Disaster Flashlight.

      Estimates are based upon using the 18650 Re-Chargeable Battery 2600mAh - that is included with the flashlight

      The power button for the Disaster Flashlight is also a “Smart Switch” and is a vital component of the flashlight’s circuitry system.  The Smart Switch is there for 4-Key Reasons

      1. Turn the flashlight On and Off.
      2. Select the lighting mode you want. The Disaster Flashlight has 9 Lighting Mode Options.


      3. Offers a visual indicator of how much battery life is left.

      The Smart Switch Power Button can emit 3-colors of lightRedOrange and Green.

      When using the flashlight, these colors alert you to the approximate battery life that is remaining:
        • Green: Greater than 40% remaining.
        • Orange: Between 20% and 40% remaining.
        • Red: Less than 20% remaining.
          2. When you are using the flashlight to re-charge the battery, the power button gives you a visual indication of how far the battery has rechargedDon’t Guess – Know! 


          What is included in this kit:

          • 1(X) B70 or B70+ Disaster Flashlight.  Which one you ordered.
          • 1(X) Instruction Booklet.
          • 1(X) 18650 Rechargeable Battery (with protective circuit).
          • 1(X) USB Power Cable.
          • 1(X) Replacement O-Ring.
          • 1(X) Replacement Recharging Port Cover.

            Item Details:

            • Item Type: Flashlights
            • Head Assembly:  Can be Twisted up to 90 degrees.
            • Focal Length: Fixed.  Flood Light.
            • Lumen: 10 to 950 Depending upon the model.
            • Body Material: Aircraft Aluminum Alloy
            • Certification: CCC,RoHS,CE,FCC
            • Drop Resistance Rating: 1-Meter
            • Water Resistance Rating: Certified to IP65
            • Lighting Distance: 100-200 m
            • Model Number: B70 / B70-P
            • Brand Name: NICRON
            • Charger: Flashlight has built in Battery Charger. 
            • Waterproof: No
            • Weather-Resistant: YES
            • Light Source: CREE XPL HI V2 LED Bulbs
            • Colors of Light: White, Red and Green.
            • Switch Mode:  9-Settings: Low, Medium, High, Turbo, Strobe, SOS, Green, Red, Red Flashing.
            • Battery Type: Rechargeable Lithium Ion 18650.  2600mAh Built in circuitry for protection from Over-Charging and Under-Charging.
            • Wattage: 5W
            • Colors of B70:  Black and Orange.
            • Colors of B70-Plus: High definition Camo Print. 
            • Run Time:  4 hours to 100 Hours.  Depending upon the lighting mode being used.
            • Size: 6.3" Long with a 1" Diameter.  160*26mm
            • Weight: With Out Battery = 5.5 ounces
              • Weight With Battery = 7.0 ounces

            As you can see, this Disaster Flashlight packs a lot of value for the price. 

            This is a high quality, durable and versatile flashlight that makes the perfect flashlight for disaster scenarios and is still flexible enough for everyday use.    You should seriously consider this as your primary flashlight for your disaster kit.

            Get the Best Disaster Flashlight NOW.  Just click on the "Add To Cart" Button Now.

            Makes the Perfect Gift for your friends and family.  Give them a gift that they will really appreciate and can help them stay safe.

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