Kids Lantern. Friendly Face Design. LED Light uses AA Batteries. ABS Construction. Removable Hanging Top Hat and Hook.

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Kids Lantern

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The Kids Lantern is a great way to get the children involved with your disaster preparedness program.  The dark can be a very scary time – especially for children.  With the friendly face and bright LED light – your kids will be looking forward to the dark with this lantern. 

Kids Lantern

  • Durable ABS Plastic Housing
  • Available in 3 Colors: Black, Green and Yellow
  • Long lasting LED Lamp
  • Uses 4 AA Batteries - (not included)
  • Top Hat and Hook is removable
  • Friendly Non-Threatening Face
  • Weighs only 7 ounces

The kids lantern comes with a very durable ABS plastic housing.  Bright colors and a friendly smiling face make it a sure win for the kids. 

The kid friendly size makes it easy for almost any child to handle.

  • Height: 6-5/8” (with Hat and Hanging Hook)
  • Diameter: 3-3/8” at the base and 4-3/8” at the removeable hat and hook.
  • Weight: 7 ounces 

Kids Lantern

Available in 3 Colors:  Black, Green and Yellow.  Pick your child’s favorite color.  Better yet – have them pick their favorite color.  Please Note:  Actual product colors may be a little different due to the way computer screens display colors.

Kids Lantern

The Top Hat and Hook are removeable incase you want to give your child just the lantern by itself.  Simply pull it OFF or SNAP it on.  You can even snap the Top Hat and Hook onto the base so that the lantern will be able to throw more light into the surrounding area. 

Kids Lantern

The Kids Lantern operates off 4 AA batteries, (not included).  This lantern will produce light for approximately 4 to 6 hours on a set of fully charged batteries.

Kids Lantern

The Kids Lantern uses 7 long lasting LED lights which produces a bright and even light. Rated at 100,000 hours of operation.  Your kids will be full grown adults by the time these LED lights go out.

Kids Lantern 

What’s in the package:

1 (X) Kids Lantern



  • Power Source: 4 AA Batteries, (not included)
  • Body Material: Durable ABS Plastic
  • Body Colors Available:  Black, Yellow and Green
  • Light Source: 7 LED Bulbs.  Life Expectancy 100,000 hours
  • Certification: CCC
  • Voltage: 6V
  • Dimensions: 
    • Base Diameter: 3-3/8"
    • Hat Diameter:  4-3/8"
    • Height (with Hat and Hanging Hook): 6-5/8"
    • Weight:  7 Ounces
  • Special Note:  Top Hat and Hanging Hook are removable. Can also firt on the base of the Kids Lantern.

The dark can be very scary for children.  Add that to the chaotic events associated with a disaster event – that scary feeling could turn quickly into outright panic and terror.  Give your kids something that can help them cope with the dark and the disaster event – get them the Kids Lantern.

Kids Lantern

With the child friendly smiling face and bright light of the Kids Lantern – don’t be surprised if your kids will be looking forward to dark. 

The Kids Lantern makes a great gift for your: own kids, grand-kids, nieces and nephews and any other kids you may know.  Great for birthdays, Christmas, and for even “I just love you gifts”.  Get several of them now and give the gift of “Safety” and “Confidence”.

Now is the perfect time to get the Kids Lantern.  Do it now when it is still fresh in your mind.  Click the “Add to Cart” Button NOW.

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