Children's Headlamp. 2- White LEDs and 1- RED LED. Uses 2 AAA Batteries. This Headlamp is the Same High Quality that Adult Headlamps are Built.

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Children’s Headlamp

The Children’s Headlamp is available in a Money Savings Value Pack.  Just $17.50

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The Children’s Headlamp: YES – It looks like a kid’s toy – but this headlamp is built to the same high quality specifications that adult headlamps are built.   Just as tough and just as reliable.

  • Weather Resistant and Light Weight Plastic ABS Head Housing.
  • LEDs: 2 White and 1-RED.
  • Uses 2 AAA Batteries.
  • Head Assembly can be adjusted Forward or Downward.
  • Comfortable Adjustable Head Band.
  • Available in either Blue or Pink.
  • Money Savings Value Option available on this Headlamp.

The head assembly on the Children’s Headlamp is made of a light weight and durable weather resistant ABS Plastic.  The designers specifically chose this material to keep the head assembly weight low so as not to strain the neck muscles of young children while they are wearing it.

The head assembly can be set to the forward position to light the area while they are walking, or it can be adjusted downward [up to 60 degrees] to light up the area close to them for when they are reading or playing with a toy.

The Head Assembly is both shock resistant and weather proof to IXP-6.  This means if your child drops it on the ground it will withstand the impact.  The weather resistant housing allows the headlamp to be used in rain, snow and dusty conditions.  But don’t submerge in water.

Modes:  High & Low. 

  • Your child can select either the High Beam mode which will light an area up to 80 feet in front of them – good for walking and searching the area around them.  High Beam Mode will last up to 8-hours with fully charged batteries.
  • Or turn it down to Low Beam Mode where it will light up the area close to them – good for reading, playing with their toys, or other close tasks.  Low Beam Mode will last up to 30-hours with fully charged batteries.

The Children’s Headlamp comes with 2 White Q5 LEDs and 1 Red LED.

  • White will light up a dark room [with approximately 350 lumens on High Beam Mode] so they won’t be afraid, and they can see what is going on around them.
  • Red is used when you want your child to maintain their night vision. If necessary, they can turn their headlamp off and be able to see in the dark while not waiting for their eyes to get accustomed to the darkness.

Power Supply:  Uses (2) common off the shelf AAA Batteries. 

Elastic Head Band is adjustable and can be custom fitted to your child’s head.

Available in 2 Colors:  Blue or Pink.  Please note:  Actual colors of the headlamp may be different than shown - this is due to the variations in how computer monitors display colors.  But the quality will remain the same.  Please make sure to select color when you place your order.


  • Certifications: CCC
  • Light Source: (3) LED Bulbs.  Two (2) White and One (1) Red.
  • Brightness: Up to 350 Lumens.  Lights an area up to 75 meters [80 feet].
  • Housing material: Light Weight, Weather Resistant and Durable ABS Plastic.
  • Weather Proof:    YES - OK for Rain, Snow and Dusty environments.  IXP-6.
  • Waterproof:    NO - Do Not submerge under water.
  • Power Source: Two (2) AAA Alkaline Batteries.
  • Fixed Focal length. 180 Degree for general purpose lighting.
  • Colors: Blue or Pink.  Please select color(s) when ordering.
  • Headband: Adjustable elastic material.

What is included in the Kit:

(1X) Children’s Headlamp 

A headlamp is a critical lighting component of your disaster kit.  It allows you to light up an area while keeping your hands free to handle the tasks at hand.  Every adult in your group should have a headlamp available in case of an emergency.  This goes the same for your children. 

This headlamp is made specifically for children – but it is built to the same tough standards that is used for adult headlamps.

Make your children feel part of your disaster preparedness program with this children’s headlamp.  It can be fun to wear and practical at the same time. 

Instead of being afraid of the dark – they will look forward to the dark with this headlamp.

Have your kids keep them in their bedroom nightstand, in the car and in their backpacks.  YES – they may look at it as a toy - but you will look at it as a critical tool when they need it.

The Children’s Headlamp is available in $ Savings Value packs.  You can get them as low as $17.50 per headlamp.  They make perfect gifts for: your kids, nieces & nephews, grand-kids…any child you know. 


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