Best Flashlight to Keep in Your Car. Emergency Crank Flashlight and Cell Phone Charger. 7-Unique Emergency Tools Built In. Includes Window Breaker.

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Best Flashlight to Keep In Car

Best Flashlight to Keep in Car.  Why?  Because this self-powered multi-purpose flashlight has everything you need in case an emergency happens while you are in your car.

Let’s start with the housing.  The sturdy ABS plastic housing is weatherproof and will never rust.  You can use it in the rain and snow – but do not submerge it under water.

The best flashlight to keep in car can be charged by using either the self-powered hand crank or by the included USB cable.  This means if you even forgot to charge it up – you can simply use the hand crank to get the light that you need.

The flashlight itself is made up of 3 LEDs which offer a bright white light.  This redundancy is a good feature to have because if for some reason one of the LEDs stop working – you still will have 2 to produce light.

This flashlight has a built in Seat Belt Cutter that will quickly cut through a seat belt in an emergency.  Let it be your seat belt, someone else's seat belt in your car – or if you need to help get people out of another car.  Don’t leave yourself stranded in a wrecked vehicle.  Make sure you can free yourself from the restraints that were meant to save you with the built-in seat belt cutting knife.

Best Flashlight to Keep in Car also has a safety window breaking hammer.  This tool has a hardened tip on it that when you smash it against a car window, the window will shatter.  Use it to get yourself out of a car or to get into some other car.  This is a very quick way to exit or enter a car when the car doors won’t open.

Note #1:  Do not use the safety window breaking tool on the windshield of the car.  It won’t work.  It will only work on the side windows of the car.  Reason: The windshield has a special plastic film built into it that prevents it from breaking out.  The fire department has specific windshield cutting tools (looks like motorized shears) that they cut the windshield out during an extrication.

Note #2:  When breaking the side windows of a car – hit the window very hard with the point of the window breaking hammer.  The best place to hit the window is in one of the lower corners of the window.  If you try to hit the window in the center area – the window may not break.   Reason: [Get ready for quick Physics lesson] The force of the window breaking hammer point is diminished and absorbed by the entire window and by the window flexing when you are hitting it.  By hitting it in the corner, the force is not deflected or absorbed as much and more of your force is transferred into breaking the window.  This is the reason that you may have seen police officers on TV continuously hitting a car side window with their clubs and not breaking the window.  So, focus your force in one of the lower corners – that will give you the best chance of breaking the window.

This flashlight also can charge your cell phone.  By using the built in Hand Crank you can stay in touch with family and friends during an emergency. 

Need to insert another note here – this one is about hand crank cell phone chargers. 

First, the cell phone charges off of the hand cranking function of the flashlight – and not off the battery inside this flashlight.  This means that you need to wind the hand crank to charge the cell phone.

Secondly, the cell phone charger is not really designed to give a full charge to your cell phone.  You use it to give your phone a quick charge that will allow you to make an emergency call.  You should only need a few minutes of a charge for your cell phone to make the emergency call. 

It is important that you recognize what this tool is used for.  What it can do - and what it is not capable of doing.  This goes for all your tools.  Not only this flashlight.

The Best Flashlight to Keep in Car also has a magnetic base that you use to attach to your car.  Use it to keep your hands free or when you want to have the emergency flasher on the car to alert others where you are.

The flashlight also has a compass built into its base.  You never know when you need a compass.  It will give you a quick reference to your location, [I’m south of the big water tower], or if it’s dark at night and you come to an intersection, [you need to turn west – but which way is west?]  So, don’t underestimate the power of a compass.  This flashlight has it built in.

Do not keep this flashlight in the trunk of your car.  Keep it inside the passenger compartment.  Either in the glove box, center console or better yet, in the pocket of the driver’s door.  This is a tool that you want to get to quickly during an emergency.  Having it in the trunk of your car won’t do you any good if you can’t get to it when you need it.


  • Size: 8″ x 3.75″ x 2″.   9.9 Ounces.    Diameter: 3.5 inches.
  • Housing: ABS Plastic
  • Battery Capacity: 6V   120 mA Lithium Battery
  • Output Power: DC  5V 350 mAh
  • Input Power: DC 5V 500 mAh
  • Hand cranking for 3 minutes (2.5-3 times per second) can provide 25 minutes light, 20-40 seconds phone call and 10-20 minutes standby time
  • Switch Mode: High / Low
  • Weather proof: YES
  • Waterproof: NO
  • Fixed Focus: YES
  • Lighting Distance: Approximately 50 meters.   150 feet.


What is Included:

  • 1 (X) Best Flashlight to Keep in Car
  • 1 (X) USB Charging Cable
  • 1 (X) User manual


Special Notes on this Flashlight:

  1. Due to the built-in tools on this device. The product is not suitable for children below 8 years old.
  2. When using the hand-operated charging function, turn the hand grip uniformly, and never turn it forcibly to avoid any damage to the interior gears.
  3. Do not use the machine in extremely cold, extremely hot, dusty and moist environment for a long time.
  4. Once the flashlight dims, re-charge the product before the battery dies.
  5. Do not clean the product using strong solvents; just use soft cloth dipped with some neutral detergent.
  6. The product is magnetic; Do not put it together with articles that may be affected by magnetism.
  7. Please place the product inside your automobile or at home for emergency usage;
  8. If the unit fails to work properly, please press “M” for 8 or 10 seconds to make it power off.
  9. Special Tip: The flashlight must be turned off when the product is not in use; otherwise, the interior battery might be damaged due to over-discharge!

 The Best Flashlight to Keep in Car offers a lot of value for everything that it can do.  Great for your car or your bug out bag. Makes a great gift.  Show them that you care.


You never know when you will need it- but you’ll be happy to have It when you do need It.

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