Lighting Products

Products that Produce Light.


During and after a disaster event - you will need 3 Types of Lighting:

1) Tactical Lighting:  This type of lighting allows you see farther (distance) into the darkness.  Used for: searching, navigation, self-defense, security, general safety, etc.   This would be your Flashlights section.  Tactical lighting is the most important type of lighting you will need to provide for.  

2) Task Lighting:  This type of lighting allows you to be more effective with closer types of tasks when you need to have your hands free.  Used for: providing First Aid, making repairs, walking around, climbing, reading, etc.   This would be your Headlamps section.  YES - you can use a flashlight for task lighting - but the headlamp will give you a focused light on your work area - while keeping your hands free to do the work.  

3) General Purpose Lighting:  Used when you need to light up a general area: a room, a car, the immediate area around you.  Especially useful for creating a calming effect while surviving a disaster event.  This would be your Lanterns section.  Similar to the general lighting generated by the lamps inside your home.  Not as bright or focused as the flashlights and the headlamps.  

 We also included an "Other Lighting Options" section.  This section will include your Candles, Light Sticks, Hurricane Lamps, etc.    These options do have a purpose - BUT - they do come with potential safety hazards.  They should be considered only after the safer battery operated lighting options.  You will need to be very careful while using these products - especially around children - but they are viable options when you have exhausted your battery products options and you need a light source.  Remember: You will be surviving a disaster situation - you will need to do what you need to do to survive.  But BE SAFE doing it.