#5 Light / Power / Fire

Basic Need #5:   Light / Power / Fire.

These are the Energy Essentials.  These essentials range from a NEED to have – to NICE to have.

  • Light:  Humans don’t see very well in the dark and having a source of light will give you a psychological edge, will help with your security issues, allows you to move around safely in the dark, will be critical if you need to help a family member with a medical emergency. and for many more reasons.
  • Power:  We are a power dependent society.  Cell phones, iPads, for communications, lighting, information gathering – you name it – you are going to need a means to recharge your portable electronic devices.
  • Fire:  To keep you warm, to allow you to cook, to purify water. etc.  You need to know how to start and maintain a SAFE fire.

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