#1 AIR

Protect Your Air Supply.

Protect Your Air

AIR:  #1 On the list of Basic Essentials for Survival. 

Without 3-minutes of clean safe air – you will die. 

It’s that simple. So, AIR – and how to clean it – is very important and critical to your survival.

Your disaster survival kit should address protection from poor quality or dangerous air.  Let it be from an outbreak of the Flu to a Chemical or Radiological accident – you need to ensure the quality of the air that you breathe is not going to harm you, or your family.

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There are 4 Categories for products that can protect your air supply.  Each has its own unique position and purpose:


Particulate Filters Particulate Filters:  Particulate Filters are one of your most basic types of protection from air pollutants. They offer protection from larger sized particles in the atmosphere, (i.e. Dust, Pollen, Mold, Spores, etc.)  Good to have around, especially during the cleanup and recovery process.  We offer both N-95 and N-100 Particulate Filters.


Escape Hood Escape Hoods:  Escape Hoods are designed specifically for use in an emergency situation [to escape from a dangerous area – to a safe area].  The Escape Hood can offer you protection from toxic gases created in building fires, subway fires and can also protect you from CBRN threats. We offer Escape Hoods in the 20-minute to 60-minute protection ranges.


Gas Mask  Gas Masks: Gas Masks offer some of the most complete protection for your respiratory system from harmful contaminants. They are capable of filtering out most: solids, gases, and vapors. Gas Masks can be a very critical tool to your disaster survival kits. Especially if you live or work near an area that has the potential to produce harmful or deadly chemicals into the air: [i.e. nuclear facility, chemical processing plant, railroad lines, etc.]


HEPA Room Filter  HEPA Room Filters:  HEPA Room Filter are like a face mask - that you don't need to wear. These can be very valuable tools during a disaster event.  HEPA Room Filters can offer protection to a complete family sheltering in a “Safe Room”.  Very important addition to your Bug-In Plan.  Developed during the Manhattan Project to control radioactive dust.  Rated at N100.  Thousands were distributed to NYC residents after 911 to help keep indoor rooms clean of dangerous dust and contaminants.


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