Emergency Lantern. Powerful 8 LED Light. Built In AM/FM Radio, Mobile Phone Charger. 4-Ways to Power.

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Emergency Lantern

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Emergency Lantern says it all.  Light up your area, tune into important broadcast information, charge up your phone and have 4 ways to produce power.  This unit covers many of your disaster survival requirements – all in a compact unit.

  • Lantern, Radio and Mobile Phone Charger combined into one unit.
  • 8 LED light source.
  • 4 Powering Modes: Solar, Hand Crank, USB Cable and AA Alkaline Batteries.
  • Modes: Low / High
  • Built-in Siren
  • Durable ABS Plastic Housing

Emergency Lantern

The Emergency Lantern can be powered up by 4 different power sources.  Having multiple power source options available is always a good thing during a disaster event. 

You may not know where your power source may be coming from the next time you need to power up.  But with this lantern – you won’t need to guess – you know at least one of the powering options will work.

  • Hand Crank: No power, no light – no problem.  The hand crank can generate 5.5 V / 350 mAh of power when cranked at a rate of 120 to 140 revolutions per minute.  This means that with 1-minute of hand cranking, you can have up to an hour of light, receive radio communications or even give your cell phone a quick charge to make that emergency call.
  • Built in Solar Cells allows you to capture the energy of the sun during the day time. Just set it in the sun – and forget it.  While you are doing your other tasks to survive – this emergency lantern will be charging up for you. 
  • Use the included USB Power Cable to charge up the emergency lantern from your computer or any other devices that produce a 5- volt charge. 
  • (3X) AA Batteries can also be used for power. These batteries operate independently of the built-in rechargeable battery.  If something did happen to the internal rechargeable battery – your Emergency Lantern will still be able work. 
Remember what was mentioned earlier?  Having multiple power source options available is always a good thing during a disaster event. 

    Emergency lantern

    The built-in rechargeable battery is a lithium battery that produces 3.7 volts and has a capacity of 500 mAh.  This battery can be discharged and recharged up to 500 times.  This ability to be able to recharge so many times becomes a very important feature during those disaster events that may extend for several days or even weeks.

    The light for the emergency lantern is produced by 8 long lasting energy efficient LEDs.  These LEDs have a working life expectancy of approximately 100,000 hours.  This means that you won’t have to worry about these LEDs burning out anytime soon.

    Emergency Lantern

    The AM/FM built in radio with telescoping antenna is an important feature to have to monitor news and emergency announcements of what is happening in your area during the disaster event.  You will need to have this critical information to decide:

    • Should I Bug-Out?
    • Can I Bug- In?
    • What are the Weather and/or the emergency agencies saying about the disaster event?
    • Where is the help, medical assistance, food, water, etc. located – if I need it?
    • Plus, much more critical information.

    Emergency lantern

    The housing for the Emergency Lantern is made of a light weight durable ABS Plastic.  This offers corrosion resistance to the environment and will hold up during the difficult times associated with a disaster event.  For all this lantern has built into it – this lantern weighs just under 2#. 

    This makes it easy to transport and carry with you if you do need to bug out.  Also, children and seniors will find it easy to carry so that they can put the lantern right where they need it.

    Emergency Lantern

    The built-in mobile phone charger can be a life saver if your cell phone battery dies on you.  Crank the Hand Crank at 120 to 140 revolutions per minute for 1-minute to charge your cell phone for up to 10-minutes.  You will be able to make that emergency phone call you need to make.

    Emergency Lantern

    The light on the Emergency Lantern comes with a 2-mode switch

    • Low Light Mode which is basically a power saving setting – this setting will light up the area right around the lantern.
    • Or High Light Mode which can light up your larger general area.
    Which means that you only generate the amount of light that you need.

      The designers also built a Siren into the Emergency Lantern.  The siren can be used to either scare intruders off – or be used as an audio signaling device. 

      Remember; visual signaling devices need a straight line of sight to be seen, while an audio signaling device can be heard around corners, behind walls, etc.  Again, this is a valuable option to have during a disaster event.  Especially if you are trying to be located by a search and rescue team.

       Emergency Lantern


      • Body Material: Durable ABS Plastic
      • Dimensions (WxHxD): 3-7/16" x 7-5/8" x 3-7/16"
      • Weight: 2#   [without optional AA battereis]
      • Optional Power Supply: Battery AA1.5V x 3(not included)
      • Power Options:  Hand Crank, Solar Cells, DC USB and AA Batteries.
      • Lighting Modes:  High / Low
      • DC USB Power In:   5 Volt
      • Hand Crank: 120 to 140 Revolutions per Minute will produce 5.5 Volts / 350 mAh.
      • Built In Rechargeable Battery:  3.7 V / 500 mAh
      • Light Source: 8 Long Lasting LEDs.
      • Mobile Phone Charger:  5 V
      • FM: 87.5-108MHZ or 76-90MHZ
      • AM: 20-1650KHZ


      Emergency lantern

      What is included in the package:

      • (1X) Emergency Lantern
      • (1X) USB Cable
      • (1X) Manual

       Emergency lantern

      The Emergency Lantern would be a great addition to your disaster preparedness kit.  It’s small enough to fit in either your Bug-Out Bag or your Bug-In BagWhen the lights go out, this lantern will light up your room, comfort the family from the dark and will even allow you to get important alerts and notifications over the built-in radio.

      Every disaster kit should include a lantern.  Lanterns are great for general purpose lighting.   This lantern has 2 lighting modes: Low for a gentle ambient room light or High to light the entire room.  Also, the 4 powering methods that this lantern uses makes sure you will have a working light – no matter what the conditions may be.

      The Emergency Lantern makes a great gift.  House warming gifts, going off to college gifts or just a general “Thinking of You” gift.  Give them the “Gift of Safety”.

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